Paws & Tales

  1. Can I get the sheet music and/or lyric sheets for the songs I heard today?

    At this time, we only have sheet music available for “The Perfect Christmas Gift.” Please visit our Web store if you wish to purchase a copy.

    Song lyrics for “The Perfect Christmas Gift” (CCLI Song #7121988) and “Waiting for You with O Come All Ye Faithful” (CCLI Song #7122935) are also available through Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) if you are a church or organization with a CCLI license. Please visit to obtain song lyrics.

  2. Are you going to make another episode of Paws & Tales?

    We are putting the finishing touches on four brand-new episodes releasing in early 2024! Parents and kids who have been with us for a while have been patiently waiting (okay, some not so patiently) to hear what happens next to the characters they’ve come to know and love. For more information, visit our updated website at

    Episodes of Paws & Tales: The Animated Series® on DVD as well as Paws & Tales radio broadcasts on CD are available in our Web store.

For permission questions for Paws & Tales, please visit our Rights & Permissions page .

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