Downloading MP3s

  1. How do I download my MP3s?

    Please log in to your account by clicking the Account link at the top of the store page (or go to and Login with your username and password.  Click again on the Account link to go to your My Account page. Click on Order History and then the Downloads link.  Find the message purchased in the list, click on Download and save the file in your Downloads folder or another location. Once the file is saved to your computer, you can open it with your preferred media player.

    If the file plays in a browser plugin but you want to download and save your file, you can right-click the file's Download button and then select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." to choose a location.

    For instructions on how to download MP3 files to an iOS device, please refer to this instructional document.

    Download multiple files as a single .zip file

    If you purchased a product that contains more than one file (of any type) you will have the option of downloading it as a single compressed .zip file. Usually the .zip file for the series will appear first in the list of downloads available followed by the individual messages. You can download this .zip file to a location on your computer and it contains all of the files associated with the product. Once downloaded go to the location where the file was downloaded to and unzip the file. To do this on a Windows computer right-click the folder and click "Extract All" and then follow the instructions.

    There are a small number of sets available only as .zip files. There is an alert on those products in the store.

    If you have attempted to download your files and continue to experience any problems, please contact us at (866) 907-3955.

  2. Why are my MP3s not showing on the download page?

    If your MP3s are not showing up when you log in, try logging out and logging back in. This will refresh your download page. If you continue to experience problems, please call us at 1-866-907-3955.

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