"You are loved and accepted just as you are." --Chuck Swindoll
Since 2016, Charlie Costa has partnered with Chuck Swindoll's church to send Iraqi and Syrian refugee children to summer camp for the first time in their lives —300 kids, 1 message: Jesus!

Dear Friend:

You are loved and accepted, just as you are.

I've told you about our Great Commission strategy, Vision 195. You may also know about my dear friend of two decades, Charlie Costa. I LOVE that man with all my heart! I could keep you for a week with Charlie stories, but I'll limit myself to one.

It's about a 17-year-old Muslim, "Nadia," who recently visited Charlie's church with her friend, "Alina." Afterward, Nadia sent a message. She had questions. The next Sunday, the two teenagers met with Charlie. Trembling, Nadia pulled out a piece of paper with her questions, expecting judgment.

Charlie replied, "Jesus loves and accepts you, just as you are." Nadia's shoulders relaxed. Light flickered in her eyes. She told Alina, "I want to keep coming!" Isn't that great? This young woman had lived in darkness her whole life . . . then she heard the Word one Sunday.

God's Word is for everyone! It's irresistible, alive and powerful in every language! Every Muslim's heart hungers for Truth. A terrorist's heart is no more depraved than yours or mine short of grace. Terror reigns where believers have failed to shine the Light of the world.

As our Arabic-language pastor, Charlie serves in the Middle East, voicing our broadcast, translating resources, and overseeing our Arabic-language Web site and app—technology that gives us the potential to reach 420 million Arabic-speakers worldwide!

Because we've put Charlie on the ground in Lebanon, he's better equipped to pastor, plant churches, and serve Syrian refugees. As Charlie says, "I prayed to go all over the Middle East, but God brought over a million Muslims to me!" Charlie's wife, Mona, runs a shelter and school for abused girls. After a year-long internship with us in Texas, their son is pursuing full-time ministry with youth. Their daughter, a doctor, operates a mission clinic. She says, "I treat their hearts and give them what changes their hearts."

What would happen if believers far and wide joined Charlie's family in shining the Light? Can you even imagine it? A world where EVERY Arabic-speaker knows God's grace!

Let's make that world a reality. This month, send a gift to Insight for Living Ministries that goes above and beyond your usual generosity. If we each follow God's prompting, I know we can meet our regular monthly budget AND raise an additional $350,000 to fully fund our Arabic-language ministry for an entire year!

When you respond, request my brand-new devotional book, God's Word for You. It will help you experience God's powerful truth and assure you that you are loved and accepted, just as you are. If you have already given as a Monthly Companion, please call 1-800-246-2420 to request your copy.

Don't limit your generosity. Light is dawning in the darkness . . . millions are ready to hear God's Word for them!

In grace and truth,

Chuck Swindoll
Charles R. Swindoll

photo: Chuck Swindoll & Charlie Costa 'God's Word for You' Book ... REQUEST YOURS