'Let Us Inspire You to Be a Part of Something Phenomenal' —Chuck Swindoll

Dear Friend:

Let's imagine a scene from 2 Chronicles. It's the story of Judah's King Josiah, and it holds the key to being a part of something phenomenal . . .

The year is 640 BC. Pagan shrines, idols, and altars used to sacrifice children cast shadows over Judah. Josiah's dad, King Amon, has been assassinated. At age 8, Josiah takes the throne. Despite the wickedness of his father, Josiah's mother, Jedidah, has been teaching her son the things of God (2 Kings 22:1–2). With that foundation, at age 16, Josiah seeks the Lord. At age 20, he begins cleansing the whole land of idolatry.

Absolutely phenomenal!

By age 26, Josiah's team of men who think and act biblically have begun restoring the temple, and they discover the sacred scroll of the Law of Moses. As Josiah listens for the first time to the Word being read, he tears his robes in passionate respect and determines to obey all of God's Laws.

The results? Judah is cleansed of idolatry and turns back to God.

Absolutely phenomenal!

Now, read this carefully: God knew this day would come when He prompted Jedidah to instill godly truth into her son.

If you think you're not making a difference when you model the Word . . . or pray against evil . . . or support God's ministries, you're mistaken. The phenomenal happens through our daily faithfulness to align our thoughts with God's—to think biblically in order to act biblically . . . to fulfill our role in God's plans!

Addictions, sexual vices, and corruption are "idols" in our world. Only God's Word can conquer these idols and cleanse our land. That's what Insight for Living Ministries is all about—gleaning wisdom from the Bible, acting on it, and equipping others to do the same.

Like Josiah, our heart has always been intent on God's ways. But now He has fanned our passion like Josiah's. We're committed to following Jesus' commands! That's why we're pursuing Vision 195—our bold mission to proclaim God's Word and train His servants in all 195 countries (Matthew 28:19–20). What will be the result?

Something absolutely phenomenal! Worldwide worship led by an army of ministry leaders trained to confront the evil strongholds of their land with the mighty weapon of God's Word! But we can't do it alone. We need loyal, generous supporters.

This month is our fiscal year-end. We still need $2,136,000 to make our June 30 budget. This quarter, we've had to downsize staff and reduce salaries as we maintain our broadcasts. But we're more passionate about making disciples than ever. We're confident that God's plan will astound us!

Will you be a part of something phenomenal TODAY by making the most generous donation you can afford?

We have God's powerful Word. It's time we work together to be a part of something absolutely phenomenal!

Relying on God's mighty Word,

Chuck Swindoll
Charles R. Swindoll

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