how a radio message changed a man's life

Dear Friend:

In August, a listener in Oregon wrote Insight for Living Ministries with a story you must read:

I just wanted to thank you again for your ministry and for being on the air 33 years ago. I was a thief, a drunk, addicted to drugs and porn. On the night I decided to kill myself, I was listening to the rock music station, and it went off the air at the moment I swung my legs out of bed to go get a shotgun. I grabbed the dial to tune in the rock station, and what I heard was the announcer’s voice saying, “Stay tuned for Insight for Living.” I was done living, but I listened anyway. I heard a message of love and forgiveness through Jesus, and my life was changed forever. I went to Bible school, met a great woman, had four children, and I am a worship leader at my church. I still listen to your radio show as I drive my garbage truck, and I’m still thankful you were on the radio that day. I love you!

Isn’t that great? We hear from listeners every day. Some stories aren’t as dramatic; others would shock you. One message is continually repeated: God’s Word is still powerful! It’s still living, still sharper than a two-edged sword! When our lives are illumined by God’s Truth, the difference is night and day. It happens EVERY DAY because people like YOU gave.

The Word of God touched your life at a certain age, just as it did mine. Could it be that God is now bringing us together to share His life-changing Word with the World?

If the Lord leads you to give to Insight for Living Ministries, don’t delay. Send your gift today. And if you aren’t already one of our Monthly Companions of Grace, please ask the Lord about becoming a “grace companion partner” with us!  Monthly Companions of Grace are our friends who spread the fragrance of grace through the teaching of God’s Word to the world. They are pursuing the Great Commission with us by giving financially and automatically every month and by modeling lives of grace every day.

On behalf of each person whose life will be changed by your generosity, a huge thank you! We love you!

With hopeful anticipation,

Chuck Swindoll
Charles R. Swindoll