What is God doing?

Dear Friend:

God doesn’t march to our drumbeat. He doesn’t check the time on our clock. He doesn’t awaken with our alarms or go to bed when we’re tired. He’s God; He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He has a plan more profound than we could ever imagine.

My guess is you would say, “Amen!” to that. We like the idea that God knows best. But then, when we’re longing for a shortcut, He takes the long way. When we’re desperate for a break, He increases the challenge. When we’re rolling, He says, “Change course!”

Living by faith can feel like you’re caravanning from Texas to Kansas. From your place in line, you quickly notice the leader is driving east NOT north. Maybe he knows a shortcut, you think. By Memphis, you’re convinced he’s lost. But he insists, “Trust me.” Or maybe San Francisco is your destination. All’s fine until you reach the bay and the leader radios: “Due west!”

If you find yourself in that caravan, please, drop out! But in the life of faith, if you know you’re following the Lord, stick to it—especially when it doesn’t make sense.

Remember what happened after God freed His people from Egypt? Moses led them to the Promised Land . . . via the “longcut.” The straight shot through Philistia would’ve left many slaughtered and the rest defeated. So God led them to the Sinai Wilderness. They didn’t know He would reveal His power there and give Moses the Law. They just knew they were exhausted, with the wilderness on one side, the Red Sea on the other—and the Egyptian army storming up behind.

Moses’ reply to their panic? “‘The LORD Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm’” (Exodus 14:14). We know what they would never have imagined: that Red Sea was about to part, allowing them safe passage and then swallowing their enemies.

Who would’ve guessed the sea would open? Nobody. Who would’ve guessed the cross would lead to eternal life? Nobody. God’s unusual leading brings remarkable results.

He leads us into tight places to break lifetime habits. He hems us in so we’ll look up. He brings us to battles only He can fight. Our “Red Seas” open and close at His command.

At Insight for Living Ministries, we’ve been following the Lord’s leading for 39 years. We’ve found ourselves in tight financial places, followed Him on the “longcut” and learned later the “straight shot” would’ve ended in disaster. We’ve trusted Him with “bad odds” and seen new doors open. When I look back, I’m astounded . . . and reminded that God did it all through people like you.

Now, He’s leading us to join hands with you for a mission that looks impossible from every angle . . . except when we look up: Vision 195—our strategy to make disciples in all 195 nations and their 6,875 languages.

Will you follow His unusual leading with us by making a generous donation today?

Anticipating remarkable results,

Chuck Swindoll
Charles R. Swindoll