lessons I've learned from Thanksgiving

Dear Friend:

“Go and make disciples of all the nations . . .”
(Matthew 28:19)

In 1979, we began Insight for Living with a broadcast and a shoebox for an “office.” We had no idea what lay ahead. We just knew God had called us, and we said YES. God took our YES and grew Insight for Living Ministries from a small media ministry into a worldwide missions ministry that uses media. No one is more surprised by this than we are! No one is more grateful either.

We’ve been passionate about the Great Commission since seminary. We had no idea where God would take us! But even then, we had the world on our hearts . . . not one or two or 10 countries. All of them.

ALL. Have you ever thought about that little word in the Great Commission? In every nation, there are people with deep needs. God has each one on His heart. That’s why He had Jesus tell His followers: Don’t forget the hills. Remember the seaside villages. Don’t overlook the far-flung islands. Get them all!

“Go and make disciples of all the nations.”

God sent His Son to suffer the crucifixion and defeat death for one reason: Because He so loved the world. His master plan for getting that message to the world? You and me. Us—His disciples. That’s it! There’s no backup plan.

This month, we, along with several staff members and ministry friends, will gather very near where Jesus ascended. We’ve been there before. It’s always special. We cannot wait for this visit!

This time, six of our international pastors will be there too: Fernando Bochio from Brazil, Terry Boyle from the United Kingdom, Zygmunt Karel from Poland, Peter Mitskevich from Russia, Ben Mogos from Romania, and Carlos Zazueta from our Spanish-language ministry. Most of their wives, who also serve with us, will be by their sides. Charlie Costa from our Arabic-language ministry and Nathan Potts from Australia will join us in spirit. There, where Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples of all the nations,” we’ll recommission them to continue pursuing Vision 195.

The work of these faithful believers, along with our teams in the U.S. and Canada and our budding ministry in China, represents disciples made in eight languages and 64 countries! And that reach goes even further. In 2019, we heard from people in 194 of the world’s 195 countries! We also completed our Searching the Scriptures pastoral-training curriculum in how to study and deliver God’s Word. In 2020, we’ll start using it in 15 countries. Vision 195 is happening faster than we ever dreamed!

The Enemy would love to convince you that giving financially isn’t really obeying God’s call . . . that this world is in too much chaos for your gift to make a difference . . . that the Great Commission is impossible. Don’t you listen to him!

When Jesus gave His final marching orders, He knew exactly who He was talking to, how it would happen, and how long it would take. When you invest in making the clear, practical teaching of God’s Word available around the world, you’re obeying Christ’s Great Commission. You’re investing in THE one thing that has the power to change the world.

To each of you marching alongside us, THANK YOU. If you haven’t joined us, please do! Send a generous gift to Insight for Living Ministries today. Better yet, become a Monthly Companion of Grace. We ask you with boldness to build His kingdom—in all 195 nations!

God is calling. Let’s keep saying YES together!

With more excitement than ever,

Chuck and Cynthia Swindoll