Do you feel His favor?

Dear Favored of God:

Take a few moments to let that truth sink in: favored of God.

You may not always feel favored. I know I don’t. But those of us who are in Christ couldn’t possess a truer title. We have been given the favor of God—and God’s favor is worth infinitely more than the favor of anyone else on the planet. More than a spouse’s or a friend’s favor, a child’s or a parent’s favor, an employer’s or the government’s favor.

Jesus instituted a meal on the night He was betrayed to instill this truth in us. While at a table with His closest followers, He broke a fresh loaf of bread for them to eat in remembrance of His body that would soon be crushed on their behalf. Then he poured a cup of wine for them to drink in remembrance of His blood that in a few short hours would be poured out on their behalf.

It’s remarkable He gave us something as peaceful and simple as a meal so we would remember something painful and profound . . . His death for us.

To think that the Son of God died to give us eternal life. . . . Yes, we’re favored indeed!

No amount of fear, no amount of difficulty, no amount of agony, no amount of cultural chaos can change that fact. God’s children possess His favor—which assures us we have His attention, His approval, His acceptance, and His aid. Jesus said to remember this fact every time we participate in the Lord’s Supper.

When did you last sit at His Table?

What were your thoughts as you lingered with Him? When you next observe the Lord’s Supper, be sure to do these three things:

    • Meditate on His death for you
    • Celebrate the new life He’s given you
    • Anticipate eternity’s banquet He’s prepared for you

Sometimes, there’s nothing for us to do except to be still, know that He is God, and bask in His favor.

It troubles me that most people still make their way in this volatile world without the power of God’s favor. Many know it and reject it. Some have it but doubt it. Most know nothing about it. Pause and imagine the emptiness of such an existence.

So we’re doing what we are called to do, here at Insight for Living Ministries, to get the Word of God out so everyone might know of God’s favor. What a privilege to declare that it’s freely available through Jesus Christ. It would mean so much to me if you would help us fulfill this calling by sending us a generous financial gift this month.

I’ve attached a bookmark with a wonderful prayer from Psalm 62:5–8 for you to use in your Bible to help you during your quiet moments with Jesus, your Savior and Guardian, as you ponder the magnificence of His favor.

Rejoicing . . . in remembrance of Christ,

Chuck SwindollPastor Charles R. Swindoll

Psalm 62 bookmark