Read the whole bible with us

Spending time with Christ and His Word is the most important routine you can cultivate in life. Preferably, every day! Like Pastor Chuck Swindoll has said in Good Morning, Lord, "I’m a real believer in spending some time every day doing what’s important rather than doing what’s urgent. I’ve made that a priority in my life."

But it’s easy to let the urgent shove aside the important, isn’t it? That’s why creating a routine of reading God’s Word requires sustained effort, discipline, and . . . help! To that end, Pastor Chuck and Insight for Living Ministries is committed to helping you in this most important life-long journey. Consistently reading through the Bible is truly a journey that is worth beginning right now if you haven’t already.

And here are just the tools you need! We are updating this page and each Bible book’s overview page. Important tools for the journey include:

  1. The Insight for Living mobile app where you can find multiple Bible-reading plans and instant access to corresponding Scripture readings using Pastor Chuck’s favorite version, the New Living Translation.
  2. Pastor Chuck’s overview articles, charts, and sermons, which you can find through the links for each Bible book below. It’s vital to get a snapshot of the book’s historical context, themes, and outline before reading through it. And don’t miss the maps!
  3. A one-year reading plan that allots five days a week to take you through the whole Bible. Each day you’ll read from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms or Proverbs. On the mobile app, it’s called the “Bible Reading Guide.” Download and print your own copy.
  4. Insight for Living Ministries is excited to introduce you to our Facebook community group this year! We created this page for encouragement, to receive insightful quotes, to share what you’re learning, and to receive exclusive resources from our team along the way. To follow us on all other social media outlets, click: Connect with us 

Also, you might want to purchase Pastor Chuck’s Swindoll Study Bible filled with helpful insights, articles, prayers, and applications throughout. If you want to dig deep into the Scriptures, grab a copy of his book detailing his Bible-study method called Searching the Scriptures: Find the Nourishment Your Soul Needs. Learn how to observe, interpret, correlate, and apply God’s Word.

We’re excited to join you on this life-long journey!

In his sermon, “A Symphony for the Soul,” from his series God’s Masterwork, Chuck surveys all 66 books of God’s Word to prepare you for the journey.

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In his sermon “An Important Interlude,” from his series God’s Masterwork, Chuck helps you transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

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