November 26, 2021

Thanking Our God

During Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for the many gifts around us. Our greatest cause for thankfulness, however, lies not in what’s around us but in the One above us.

King David’s theologically rich hymn, Psalm 139, focuses on God Himself more so than the gifts He gives—making this psalm the perfect text to reflect upon during this special season.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s two-part series encourages us to turn our hearts to the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present God who is worth infinitely more than the gifts He gives.

Additional resources

These helpful study notes provide a clear overview of Chuck's messages. Then they help you walk through the four pillars of study Chuck teaches: observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.

In a convenient PDF format, you can view the STS Studies online or print out a copy for yourself for future reference.

What's next

The Great Commission

November 29 - December 17, 2021

During Jesus’ final days with His disciples, He left them with an objective—what we now call “The Great Commission.” Jesus told His closest followers to “make disciples of all nations.”

Initially, this parting command left the disciples scratching their heads. We too might wonder how we can participate in this seemingly impossible task today.

Join Pastor Chuck Swindoll in this vital series as he presents God’s plan for fulfilling the Great Commission and shares his own heart for reaching the lost.