December 7 - 12, 2023

Hand Me Another Brick

Timeless Lessons on Leadership

The walls of Jerusalem lay in ruins, along with the people’s spirit and the city’s glory. Lifting Jerusalem and its citizens from the rubble would require a unique kind of leader. A godly leader like Nehemiah.

The book of Nehemiah records how God used an ordinary individual to inspire a group of defeated people to achieve a monumental, God-given task.

Join Pastor Chuck Swindoll as he draws from Nehemiah valuable lessons on leadership. Know any ruined lives that need rebuilding? Broken hearts that need mending? Whether you’re a leader or simply want to do to God’s calling, this series is for you.

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Jesus: The Greatest Life of All

December 13 - January 5, 2024

Jesus of Nazareth undoubtedly represents one of the most talked-about figures ever to walk the earth. His life, teaching, and ministry shook ancient Judea, and His impact remains evident throughout the world two thousand years later.

Yet Jesus was more than a humble servant, a wise teacher, or a bold prophet. He was all these and much more. Jesus Christ was—and is—the very Son of God!

Join Pastor Chuck Swindoll for this series on the life of Jesus Christ and come to see that the one we call “Lord” is worth following and emulating—worshipping in fact! He lived the greatest life of all.