You’ve enjoyed hearing Chuck Swindoll’s messages on the Insight for Living broadcast. Now you can study the Bible alongside Chuck using the same methods he uses!

Based on the principles in Chuck’s book, Searching the Scriptures: Find the Nourishment Your Soul Needs, the Searching the Scriptures (STS) studies accompany Chuck’s messages on the broadcast. These downloadable PDF studies will

  • Guide you through the biblical text of the current broadcast
  • Show you how to glean profound truths from God’s Word
  • Help you understand, apply, and communicate God’s Word
  • Give you simple Bible-study steps anyone can follow
Current Series

Current Series STS Studies

The STS Studies for the complete Living by Grace series are now available. Or you can download the study for a single message.


Previously released Message Mates are still available for use when studying the series with which they correspond. Click the appropriate tab below to find the right study tool for each series.