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Earthquakes. Famine. Wars. Lawlessness. Most Christians havesome idea of the signs that occur during the time the Bible calls "the last days." Well guess what—we're living in them now!  Just about every generation since the New Testament was written has thought the same. Some Christians are fascinated by the mysteries and symbols found in Revelation and love to unravel their secrets. Others feel that Revelation wasn't written for that purpose, so we're best off avoiding it altogether, lest we get sidetracked from our main calling.

What's the proper approach? What should we know about the end times, and what, if anything, should we do to live out our faith in the midst of these turbulent times? We hope that the resources below will increase your understanding of this important topic and will help you separate the solid truths of the Bible from the flimsy fantasies of the latest "end times" movie.


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