• Dangerous Disillusionment

    | Nov 27, 2022
    Disillusionment is a dangerous, slippery slope. First we become disillusioned about our fellow man. Then we move on to cynicism. Before long, we trust no one, not even God. We've been burned. We've been taken advantage of; we've been mistreated.
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  • A Well-Chosen Word

    | Nov 26, 2022
    Like Jell-O, concepts assume the mold of the words into which they are poured. Who has not been stabbed awake by the use of a particular word . . . or combinations of words? Who has not found relief from a well-timed word?
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  • Honest to the Core

    | Nov 25, 2022
    What is God looking for? He is looking for men and women whose hearts are completely His—completely . . . . God is not looking for magnificent specimens of humanity. He's looking for deeply spiritual, genuinely humble, honest-to-the-core servants.
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  • Two Are Better Than One

    | Nov 24, 2022
    Independence is our watchword and "Think for Yourself" is our motto. Declaring a need is a sign of weakness, an open admission of failure and lack of character. Furthermore, we are on the move so much, who has time to share and to care?
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  • Alone with God

    | Nov 23, 2022
    Some of the most profound ministries of the Spirit of God are not public or loud or large. Sometimes His most meaningful touch on our lives comes when we are all alone. I urge you to include in your schedule time to be alone with God.
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  • Giving God First Place

    | Nov 22, 2022
    If some corporate position is the god of your life, then something terrible occurs within when it is no longer a future possibility. If your career, however, is simply a part of God's plan and you keep it in proper perspective, you can handle a demotion.
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  • God's Hand on Your Life

    | Nov 21, 2022
    Perhaps you never knew what it was to nestle securely in a parent's love. Your home life may have been strained or even fractured from your earliest memory. From a human point of view, your birth might have come at a difficult or awkward time in your parents' lives.
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  • Segments of Solitude

    | Nov 20, 2022
    Solitude doesn't refer to mere personal privacy for a twelve-second pit stop where we get a quick fix to reenter the race. It's more than that.
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  • Pull in the Anchor

    | Nov 19, 2022
    Have you done someone wrong? Have you been offensive? Have your actions caused hurt? To do nothing is not only in direct disobedience to Jesus' teaching, it also complicates your life.
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  • Don't Get Burned!

    | Nov 18, 2022
    Compromise never works. We always get burned. Even though we rationalize around our weak decisions and tell ourselves that wicked associations really won't harm us ("they'll get better, our good will rub off their bad!"), we get soiled in the process.
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  • Friendly People, Thoughtful People

    | Nov 17, 2022
    If I have learned anything during my journey on Planet Earth, it is that people need one another. The presence of other people is essential—caring people, helpful people, interesting people, friendly people, thoughtful people.
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  • Precepts and Principles

    | Nov 16, 2022
    Whenever you see the scriptural phrase "This is the will of God," you know for sure that's God's will. You also know that to disobey is to break His Word. Other clear indications of His leading are the precepts and principles in the Scripture.
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  • A Loving Father

    | Nov 15, 2022
    God doesn't sit in heaven with His jaws clenched, His arms folded in disapproval, and a deep frown on His brow. He is not ticked off at His children for all the times we trip over our tiny feet and fall flat on our diapers.
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  • No Fear of Failure

    | Nov 14, 2022
    When will we ever learn that there are no hopeless situations, only people who have grown hopeless about them? What appears as an unsolvable problem to us is actually a rather exhilarating challenge.
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  • God's New Morning Message

    | Nov 13, 2022
    Do you know what God's fresh, new morning message is to us? Whether the sun is shining brightly or whether it's pouring down rain? Whether the morning is bright or whether it's gray and overcast?
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  • Five Cheers for Mom

    | Nov 12, 2022
    What does motherhood require? Transparent tenderness, authentic spirituality, inner confidence, unselfish love, and self-control. Quite a list, isn't it? Almost more than we should expect.
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  • God's Plan for Hope

    | Nov 11, 2022
    God knows, right down to the final nub, exactly where you are in life. He sees. He cares. He is aware. And best of all, He is touched by it. The enemy of our souls wants you to think differently.
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  • Power to Overcome

    | Nov 10, 2022
    Can't and won't. Christians need to be very careful which one they choose. It seems that we prefer to use "can't." "I just can't get along with my wife." "My husband and I can't communicate." "I just can't discipline the kids as I should."
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  • Real Riches

    | Nov 09, 2022
    From the looks of things, you're pretty impressive. You've got a nice place. And I suppose your neighbors would agree that you're a hard worker . . . climbing right on up that ladder toward success, right? . . .
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  • The ABCs of Love

    | Nov 08, 2022
    "I accept you as you are." "I believe you are valuable." "I care when you hurt." "I desire only what is best for you." "I erase all offenses." We could call that the ABCs of love. And I don't know of anybody who would turn his back on such magnetic, encouraging statements.
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Joy-Building Exercises

Are you wishing you had a more joyful, steady character? Practicing the seven principles outlined in this article will produce just that.