Men's Purity

In 2011, a major publisher released a book highlighting all the things men think about when they aren’t thinking about sex. It has become a national bestseller. And what is included within the pages of this bestseller? Nothing. It’s a book of blank pages.

Whether you think such a book is ridiculous, humorous, or in poor taste, you must admit that we live in a sex-saturated society. A day rarely passes when men aren’t tempted to let their eyes and their minds wander into places they have no business being in. In such a society, remaining morally pure is a difficult task for men . . . but not impossible.

The resources on this page will serve as an encouragement to any man who wants to pursue a morally pure life. And for those who have regrets, you’ll also find grace, forgiveness, and some suggested tools to help you maintain purity in an impure world.