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Perhaps Poland is best known for its tragic existence during World War II. Germany invaded Poland in 1939, which officially began the war in Europe. Travel to Poland today and you'll still find numerous deserted Nazi concentration camps dotting the countryside. Each brick in these camps stands as a silent witness to human depravity and, therefore, to our deep need for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The opportunity for Insight for Living to participate in making Christ's message known throughout Poland is on the verge of becoming a reality. Our pastor in Poland, Zygmunt Karel, has been working hard to build partnerships with local media companies interested in presenting the broadcast. Pastor Zygmunt is also well on his way to having six months of Chuck Swindoll's messages translated and ready for recording and broadcasting in Polish this year.

With Zygmunt's background, gifts, and relationship network in Poland, Insight for Living Poland could potentially have a powerful influence on believers across the country and across denominational lines, teaching clear, biblical doctrine and encouraging leaders to center their preaching on the Scriptures. It is our hope that Chuck's translated messages and Zygmunt's ministry with pastors would influence leaders to more boldly evangelize and to plant churches across the country. The ministry also has potential to be of interest to people in Polish-speaking communities outside of Poland, such as in New York and elsewhere in the United States, where we hope to find financial partners to help us begin broadcasting and sustain expensive airtime. The potential for a great work of God in Poland is palpable!

When visitors enter the gates at the notorious World War II concentration camp Auschwitz, they pass under a sign in German that reads, Arbeit Macht Frei ("Work Brings Freedom"). History tells us that Auschwitz provided backbreaking work and violent death but not freedom.

As Christians, we long to proclaim the truth that ultimate freedom comes through God's Son. From Poland to the United States and beyond, we will find life and freedom in Christ alone. Please pray for our ministry efforts in Poland as Pastor Zygmunt shares that inspiring message with his people.

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