Into Africa: Razão para Viver beyond Brazil


Razão para Viver (RPV) is making disciples across Brazil, but the Portuguese-speaking world extends far beyond South America's largest country! People speak Portuguese as their heart language in 10 countries.

Vision 195 isn't just the mission of our leaders at our headquarters . . . and when you join us through prayers and donations, you're not just supporting missionaries doing isolated work in individual countries. Vision 195 has taken hold of our international pastors as well! They're each on mission with us to make disciples in their languages around the world . . . and to equip those new disciples to train others in additional languages they speak.

Last spring, RPV met Fernando and Eloisa Andrade, missionaries in Lisbon whose focus is on training leaders. We're excited about exploring possibilities with them as a door into Portugal. Around the same time, another missionary, Renata Santos, came to RPV's office. Miss Santos has an audio/video ministry for Portuguese-speakers in Guinea Bissau along Africa's western coast. She came to ask for RPV's help in growing her technical skills. When she returned to Africa, she spoke with a station manager about RPV. His response stunned us: "Fernando Bochio? He was my professor!"

Today RPV's solid, biblical teaching rings out in Guinea Bissau! We're also making connections in South Africa in Angola and Mozambique.

Will you join us in celebrating God's growing Razão para Viver and pray for us as we follow Him into Africa and beyond? As they say in Brazil, "we are eating cake by the edges" and can't wait to see what's next!

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