Hello, World!

Try saying hello in Russian a few times, and before long you'll probably forget how to say your own name. How could hello be so complicated? In Spanish, it's hola. In German, it's hallo. Well, brace yourself for this one. In Russian, hello is zdravstvujte. You can only imagine what it's like to discuss theology!

Insight for Living appreciates the importance and complexity of communication in other languages. More than that, we love what God loves: men and women around the world. Have you noticed God's method of loving humanity? He doesn't merely send a note or a gift now and then. God enters our world, our culture; He speaks our language. He meets men and women eye-to-eye. He also gave us the greatest Book ever written, His Word. God communicates through His Word. So if you really want to love someone else, you, too, have to communicate. We have to step into another person's culture and meet that person eye-to-eye.

More than ever before, Insight for Living is doing just that. With indigenous pastors and qualified ministry teams uniquely equipped to communicate with people within their own diverse nations, we are able to meet people eye-to-eye. In addition to the U.S., this work takes place in the English language within Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Pastors also faithfully translate Chuck Swindoll's messages into other languages such as Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Polish, and Spanish. Just as important, these translations are adapted to the appropriate culture. Chuck asks the translators to change any illustrations that represent Chuck's own personal and national perspective, in order to reflect the culture and personality of the local pastor. This removes language and cultural barriers and delivers a rich message from God's Word that isn't "lost in the translation."

All of this involves a serious partnership. Gifted individuals in the United States, like Donna Jones, plan and assemble Insight for Living radio programs for broadcast year-round.  Then Insight for Living national pastors translate Chuck's sermons, provide counseling for the listeners, train other pastors, and provide other relevant resources to the people of their own nations. Teamwork makes it all possible.

Just think. Partnering with Insight for Living is like saying "zdravstvujte" to the world!

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Brian Leicht

Brian Leicht received a master of theology degree in Pastoral Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary. As director of the Biblical Counseling team at Insight for Living Ministries, he provides biblical guidance to listeners through written and verbal correspondence. He has also pastored in single adult, marriage reconciliation, and missions ministries for 20 years. Brian also holds a master’s degree in Trumpet Performance, and he, his wife Bonnie, and their three sons enjoy participating in worship ministry and local theater.

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