employees in a meeting

Insight for Living Ministries believes that how our mission is accomplished is as important as the mission itself. Every employee is given a mandate to adopt and apply our mission through six core values that enrich their lives and glorify our Lord.

Honor to Others

Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) values both the personal and professional goals of each employee and is committed to providing an atmosphere of respect so each person can contribute their best efforts and thrive. Honor must also be reflected in our dealings with our constituents. Their needs are our opportunity for ministry, and we will respectfully and energetically serve them in whatever way we can.

Character in Ourselves

Lives characterized by integrity, whether in public or in private, are solid and stable. Such strong character, though, is a by-product of a growing relationship with God, who is at the core of all virtue. IFLM is committed to an uncompromising standard of ethical and moral behavior that can only be accomplished by being people who are surrendered to God.

Accountability for Our Motives and Actions

Ours is a team effort. As valuable as each person's contribution may be, we do not operate as independent, isolated individuals, because we seek to develop a healthy interdependence. However, we require individual accountability from each employee. Serving together, we aim for a culture that is open and non-defensive as, individually and collectively, we model attitudes of authenticity, vulnerability, teachability, and humility.

Grace in Our Relationships

As a ministry devoted to communicating God's grace, we must demonstrate that same grace within our own walls. We put this into practice through our thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, freedom, forgiveness, appreciating others' differences, and by inspiring excellence in those around us.

Excellence in Our Pursuits

Through these core values, we aim to reflect the infinite excellence of the God we serve. Our goal is to be above average, to stand out from the crowd of status quo thinkers and predictable workers. Striving for strong, healthy, creative talent in every position results in producing the highest-quality employee, program, product, and service possible.

Glory to Our God

Insight for Living Ministries' utmost goal is to bring glory to God (Matthew 5:16). One way we bring Him glory is to live by faith (Romans 4). We entrust our talents, finances, and plans to God's control. We are comfortable with uncertainty because we rest in the certainty of His character and His Word. Ultimately we want others to trust Jesus more because of our example.

These are the ideals we believe God has given us to pursue. Every decision, action, and conversation should focus on achieving our mission within the context of these values.