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Changing Lives Is Jesus's Business

“Changing Lives Is Jesus' Business”
from the series Growing Deep in the Christian Life

John 4:7–34, 39–42; 9:1–38; 20:24–28

We’ve learned that Jesus is the God-Man. Such a study, however, could leave us with the erroneous idea that His life was merely a theological phenomenon with little practical value. Not so! As we are soon going to learn, He touched people where they were and changed their lives. Such changes were often dramatic, creating a stir among those who witnessed the change.

Changing lives is our Lord’s continual ministry. He begins with the raw material of our own humanity and, as times passes, He faithfully works with us, stays by our side, empowers us with new strength, and ultimately reshapes and remakes us into vessels of honor for His greater glory. How do we know this? Partly from our own experience . . . but mainly from the Scriptures that record one changed life after another. Here are three examples.d's glory, even then He would remain undiminished. God's glory is His and His alone, and with no other does He share it.

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