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A Crack in the Rock

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Today's Devotional

Proud Hearts and Dirty Feet

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Jesus book and CD
A Life Like No Other

Jesus asked the question, “Who do you say that I am?” This book and CD message open up the life, power, and teachings of Jesus so you can know Him better than you ever have before.

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“You Will Receive Power”

Understanding the Holy Spirit's many roles in your life and growth as a Christian is crucial. Stop traveling by foot and instead board the jumbo jet of His transforming power!

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Exalting Christ
Exalting Christ

John 15–21 walks us through our Lord’s last days on earth, which ushered Him toward His final victory over death. You’ll grow deeper in devotion to the One who bore your sin on the Cross.

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Video Interview
All Sins Included?

Are you afraid that if God really knew you He would disapprove of you? Chuck Swindoll wants you to fully understand what Jesus’ death was all about.

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