June 24 - 27, 2016

How Great Is Our God!

Everything—where we pin our hopes, how we raise our children, what we do in times of joy or sorrow, everything we aspire to, think, and believe—boils down to how we answer one question: Who is God?

In this series, Chuck Swindoll reminds us of the holiness and majesty of God the Father, the humility and self-sacrificing love of the Son, and the ministry and counsel only the Holy Spirit can provide. These messages provide an anchor of biblical hope in God for believers in times of both tumult and peace.

Additional resources

These helpful guides provide a clear overview of Chuck's messages, including his main points and application principles. Use the Message Mates to prepare for the program or to review Chuck's points in your own time of study or reflection and find trustworthy tools for digging deeper into the topic of the message.

In a convenient PDF format, you can view the Message Mate online or print out a copy for yourself for future reference.

What's next

An Urgent Ministry Update

June 28, 2016

Remember those "family meetings" you had? Chuck Swindoll is interrupting his regular broadcast to give an URGENT update to you as part of the Insight for Living Ministries family. Chuck devotes the entire broadcast today to a crisis issue we feel you will want to know about. Please come to the "family room" today and listen to this urgent update!