November 21 - December 13, 2017

Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith

What does it mean to be “the friend of God”? Though he lived in a world at enmity with God, Abraham modeled an enviable walk of faith. When told to go, he went. When promised, he believed. When commanded, he obeyed—even when it seemed to make no sense at all.

Abraham wasn’t “the friend of God” (James 2:23) because of his intellect, his pedigree, or his fortune. Abraham was God’s friend because of his faith. Follow the great Patriarch on his epic adventure, and be challenged to answer life-changing questions. As you witness an imperfect man’s transformation into a hero of the faith, you’ll be warned by his failures and inspired by his trust . . . and you’ll learn what it really means to be a “friend of God.”

Abraham: One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith

Listen in on Chuck Swindoll's fascinating discussion with Ravi Zacharias—a premier, deep-thinking apologist of our day—as they discuss Abraham, failure, aging, temptation, and much more.

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God Knows What He's About: When God Blesses and How

December 14 - 26, 2017

When we consider the vastness of the universe, much less the seven billion souls inhabiting our planet, we can struggle to believe that God cares about our circumstances.

The Christmas story is all about God’s miraculous work in mundane circumstances: a small-town girl visited by an angel . . . a man who trusted God and believed the impossible . . . and a baby King born in a crude and meager stall.

We can trust that God knows us, and His plans are woven in the fabric of our everyday lives. This Christmas, join Chuck Swindoll for his holiday messages, and learn that even when we wonder and doubt, God knows what He’s about.