What is God doing?

Dear Friend:

"Salvation settled on me like snow."

That’s how Terry Boyle, pastor of Insight for Living United Kingdom, describes His coming to faith. A biochemist, Terry first began to wonder about God when studying enzymes. Gradually, over years, the Holy Spirit put together the pieces for Terry, until he was convinced—not only of the Creator’s existence, but of His mercy displayed in Jesus. This process happened in the Lord’s timing, over many ordinary days.

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll read Terry’s story—how the Lord moved him from the laboratory to the pulpit and perfectly prepared him for Vision 195 , our strategy to pursue the Great Commission in all 195 nations and their 6,875 languages. But today, I want to write about another story: yours.

Sometimes God moves in big, flashy ways. But most often, He accomplishes the miraculous through ordinary people, little by little, on ordinary days. Consider Esther. You know her story. Esther is an orphan, living with her cousin Mordecai, when she’s placed in a national beauty pageant. She wins, is crowned queen of Persia, risks her life to save the Jews, and succeeds!

What does Esther’s story have to do with yours? Look at the timeline. Four years pass between chapter 1, where Esther isn’t even mentioned, and the middle of chapter 2, where she meets the king. It’s another five years, in chapter 3, when the king gives the edict to wipe out the Jews. In total, nine years pass before Mordecai asks that infamous question:

Who knows if perhaps you were made queen
for just such a time as this?
(Esther 4:14)

Three more days pass before Esther bravely approaches the king uninvited. Yet, God was working in all 3,288 days that led up to that moment! He was working in Esther’s life before the palace, too, laying the groundwork to save His people.

So, let me ask: What has God been leading up to in the ordinary days of YOUR story?

For more than 14,300 days, God has been laying the groundwork for Insight for Living Ministries to pursue Vision 195. Most often, He has done so through our staff who have faithfully shown up . . . leaders who have arrived at our door perfectly prepared . . . and donors who have joined us with prayers and financial gifts.

Is it possible that God has brought this letter to you “for just such a time as this”?

If so, don’t wait for a celestial shout or flash of lightning! If God is urging you to partner with Insight for Living Ministries to fulfill the Great Commission, start TODAY. Send your gift and begin praying right now.

Your ordinary days matter. One person can make a difference. Esther is proof! As you’ll see in our newsletter, Terry Boyle is too.

This is the hour for Insight for Living Ministries. Is it yours too?

For just such a time as this,

Chuck Swindoll
Charles R. Swindoll