• Priorities for Parents

    | May 15, 2017
    Let me make three practical suggestions to you who are parents: First, determine your priorities. Ask yourself how high the family rates on your list of involvement. How are your children in particular—just how serious are you regarding time with each?
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  • Five Cheers for Mom

    | May 14, 2017
    What does motherhood require? Transparent tenderness, authentic spirituality, inner confidence, unselfish love, and self-control. Quite a list, isn't it? Almost more than we should expect.
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  • Forever Discontented

    | May 13, 2017
    Let's take a brief look at greed. Practically speaking, greed is an inordinate desire for more, an excessive, unsatisfied hunger to possess. Like an untamed beast, greed grasps, claws, reaches, clutches, and clings—stubbornly refusing to surrender.
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  • Sacred Serendipity

    | May 12, 2017
    Seren-dip-ity–the dip of the serene into the common responsibilities of life. Serendipity occurs when something beautiful breaks into the monotonous and the mundane. A serendipitous life is marked by "surprisability" and spontaneity.
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  • What to Do with Worry

    | May 11, 2017
    Here's a question worth your time: What are we to do when worry comes knocking on the door of our mind? First, we must set our minds on Christ. "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things [that would worry you] will be added to you" (Matthew 6:33).
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  • Magnificent Relief

    | May 10, 2017
    Like a cool, cleansing shower on a hot, sweaty day, God's forgiveness washes away not only sins but their tormenting guilt. God goes into the depths of our inner being and provides that magnificent relief that only He can bring: PEACE . . . .
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  • Seeking Success

    | May 09, 2017
    We are a success-saturated society. The tell-tale signs are everywhere. Each year dozens of books and magazines, scores of audio and video tapes, and hundreds of seminars offer ideas, motivation, techniques, and promises of prosperity.
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  • Sow Generously, Reap Generously

    | May 08, 2017
    Do you have eyesight? It's a gift. Do you have a good mind? It's a gift. Do you have leadership abilities that cause others to follow? A good education? These are all gifts. Has God given you a family? Has He given you sufficient clothes?
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  • A Giant Step Toward Maturity

    | May 07, 2017
    One of the hardest things for you and me to do is own up to our own failures. Whether we're talking to our spouses, our kids, our employers, or with our Lord Himself, it goes against the grain to come clean and admit our offenses.
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  • God Speaks to the Quiet Heart

    | May 06, 2017
    If the pace and the push, the noise and the crowds are getting to you, it's time to stop the nonsense and find a place of solace to refresh your spirit. Deliberately say "no" more often. This will leave room for you to slow down, get alone, pour out your overburdened heart.
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  • No Place for Pride

    | May 05, 2017
    Someone who is truly unselfish is generous with his or her time and possessions, energy and money. As that works its way out, it is demonstrated in various ways, such as thoughtfulness and gentleness, an unpretentious spirit, and servant-hearted leadership.
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  • Living a Holy Life

    | May 04, 2017
    As Christians we live a life that is different—morally excellent, ethically beautiful. It's called a holy life. And God honors that. Because it's like He is . . . . All of our Christian lives we have sung the old hymn "Take Time to Be Holy." Those words are true.
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  • Care and Concern for Others

    | May 03, 2017
    Humility of mind is really an attitude, isn't it? It's a preset mentality that determines ahead of time thoughts like this: I care about those around me. Why do I always have to be first? I'm going to help someone else win for a change.
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  • A Deliberate Trust

    | May 02, 2017
    Under heaven's lock and key, we are protected by the most efficient security system available—the power of God. There is no way we will be lost in the process of suffering. No disorder, no disease, not even death itself can weaken or threaten God's ultimate protection over our lives . . . .
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  • Let God Do the Exalting

    | May 01, 2017
    Think of David, the young musician, tending his father's sheep back on the hills of Judea many centuries ago. He was a self-taught, gifted musician. He didn't go on tour, trying to make a name for himself. Instead, he sang to the sheep.
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  • Invincible, Immutable, and Infinite

    | Apr 30, 2017
    Whoever is sovereign must have total, clear perspective. He must see the end from the beginning. He must have no match on earth or in heaven. He must entertain no fears, no ignorance, and have no needs. He must have no limitations.
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  • Considering Quitting?

    | Apr 29, 2017
    Every achievement worth remembering is stained with the blood of diligence and scarred by the wounds of disappointment. To quit, to run, to escape, to hide—none of these options solve anything. They only postpone the acceptance of, and reckoning with, reality.
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  • Understanding and Obedience

    | Apr 28, 2017
    Our greatest struggle is not in the realm of understanding the will of God; it's in the realm of obeying the God whose will it is. . . . we do not find ourselves puzzled and mystified about God's will nearly as much as we find ourselves stubborn and resistant.
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  • God in Our Conversation

    | Apr 27, 2017
    We are to talk of spiritual things in our homes just as we would talk about anything else. You talk together about how the Dodgers played last night. No big deal, you just talk about that. You talk about what you're going to do next week. You don't lecture on it.
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  • No Mass-Produced Saints

    | Apr 26, 2017
    We live today in a microwave culture. If it takes longer than five minutes to fix lunch, that's long! In earlier days, you even had to wait for a TV set to warm up. Can you imagine? And you couldn't push a single button on your phone to call home on a pre-set number.
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