• The Turning Point, Part One

    | Oct 02, 2017
    I remember it well. Almost as clearly as if it happened last month. But it didn't. It happened deep in the summer of '58. I was a Marine. Almost eight thousand miles of ocean between me and my wife. One-word descriptions of my condition? Disillusioned.
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  • Lie Back and Look Up

    | Oct 01, 2017
    Okay, are you ready to have your mind boggled? If not, better shove this aside until you can handle it. It's too stretching to pass over with a yawn. The germ thought struck me when I was deep in the redwoods some time ago. I lay back and looked up.
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  • Innovation, Part Two

    | Sep 30, 2017
    Yesterday, we talked about innovative people, and I mentioned that there are a whole lot more innovative people around than any of us can imagine. Could you be one of them? Let's take a little test and see.
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  • Innovation, Part One

    | Sep 29, 2017
    It takes guts to innovate, because it requires creative thinking. Thinking is hard enough, but creative thinking—ah, that's work! To get the juices squirting, you have to be dissatisfied with the status quo.
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  • Witch Hunting, Part Two

    | Sep 28, 2017
    We've been talking about what I'm calling "witch hunting," the phenomenon affecting our world in which people are eager to find the Devil in every nook and cranny and to blame him for just about everything.
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  • Witch Hunting, Part One

    | Sep 27, 2017
    Flip Wilson's line, "The Devil made me do it," was designed to be funny, not phony. Whether the comedian believed in an actual Satan is, for the moment, immaterial. All he was interested in was getting a laugh.
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  • Getting Involved, Part Two

    | Sep 26, 2017
    Yesterday, I told you of several appalling cases in which hurting—even dying—people cried out for help only to be blatantly ignored by passersby, both Christians and non-Christians. What's happening? Why the passivity?
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  • Getting Involved, Part One

    | Sep 25, 2017
    Kitty Genovese was brutally attacked as she returned to her apartment late one night. She screamed and shrieked as she fought for her life . . . yelling until she was hoarse . . . for thirty minutes . . . as she was beaten and abused.
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  • Beyond Today

    | Sep 24, 2017
    Who hasn't felt himself standing on tiptoe, straining to see what lies ahead? Even the writers of a weekly news magazine tried to look beyond today. They didn't try many predictions but they did ask some tough, sweeping questions.
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  • Understatements

    | Sep 23, 2017
    You've heard of "too little and too late." How about "too many and too much"? That's the way I'd describe our times. In a society overrun with overstatements, I find an occasional "not quite enough" a sheer delight. Too much empty talk.
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  • Idols, Part Two

    | Sep 22, 2017
    Yesterday we talked about how the Israelites began to worship what started out as a good thing but became too much of a good thing: a bronze serpent they called "Nehushtan." We can make an idol out of anything or anyone in life.
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  • Idols, Part One

    | Sep 21, 2017
    It was the apostle John's final warning to his readers: "Little children, guard yourselves from idols" (1 John 5:21). "Watch out," said John, in effect. "Be on guard against anything that might occupy the place in your heart that should be reserved for God."
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  • An "Affair," Part Two

    | Sep 20, 2017
    In Part One, we acknowledged that our society has embraced a subtle lie about affairs, believing that not only is the grass greener on the other side, it's acceptable to hop the fence. What's more, believers are just as likely as nonbelievers to do the hopping.
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  • An "Affair," Part One

    | Sep 19, 2017
    The sad fact is no longer surprising—infidelity has invaded the ranks of professing Christians. The church body bears more ugly scars than ever in its history, and instead of hiding those scars from the public eye, we now speak of them without much embarrassment.
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  • Say It Well

    | Sep 18, 2017
    Paul was a misfit. When it came to a place like Athens, the crusty apostle clashed with the decor. Made no sense at all. The classic oil-and-water combo. A monotheistic Jew smack dab in the middle of polytheistic Gentiles.
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  • Someday

    | Sep 17, 2017
    SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, things are going to be a lot different. The garage won't be full of bikes, electric train tracks on plywood, sawhorses surrounded by chunks of two-by-fours, nails, a hammer and saw, unfinished "experimental projects."
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  • Accumulations

    | Sep 16, 2017
    Garages tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They are the ideal catch-alls because the space is really flexible. Unlike a bedroom or kitchen, garages don't have to be filled with what they're made for.
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  • Acting Decisively, Part Two

    | Sep 15, 2017
    Making one's own decisions develops healthy mental muscles. But there will always be a few who crave to be told what to do. A major reason some prefer to be indecisive is laziness. Decision making is hard work.
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  • Acting Decisively, Part One

    | Sep 14, 2017
    I like Joshua's style in Joshua 24:14–15. Like a good leader, he laid out the facts. He exhorted those about him to get off the fence and get their spiritual act together. He encouraged personal authenticity and strong commitment.
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  • Discoveries

    | Sep 13, 2017
    "Can you see anything?" What a question to ask! Howard Carter's mouth and eyes were wide open when his aide asked it. His head was stuck into a timeless tomb. Beads of perspiration popped out on the British archaeologist's brow.
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