• Can't . . . or Won't? Part One

    | Aug 07, 2017
    No offense, but some of you don't have any business reading this today. Normally, I do not restrict my words to any special group of people. But now I must. This time it is for Christians only.
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  • Sleeping in Church

    | Aug 06, 2017
    I really feel sorry for Eutychus. It was bad enough for the fella to fall asleep in church while Paul was preaching . . . he even fell out the window to his death three stories below! But then, of all things, Dr. Luke included the incident for all the world to read.
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  • Jealousy

    | Aug 05, 2017
    Like an anger-blind, half-starved rat prowling in the foul-smelling sewers below street level, so is the person caged within the suffocating radius of selfish jealousy. Trapped by resentment and diseased by rage, he feeds on the filth of his own imagination.
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  • Backing Off, Part Two

    | Aug 04, 2017
    As we've been discussing, there are certain times when it's necessary to keep quiet, to relax, to back off. Intensity often leads to futility. Like the little boy who plants the seed and then nervously digs it up every day to see if it is growing.
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  • Backing Off, Part One

    | Aug 03, 2017
    Kids are nutty. Some friends of ours in Texas have two little girls. The younger child is constantly on the move, rarely winding down by bedtime. So the nightly affair has become something of a familiar routine.
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  • Pain

    | Aug 02, 2017
    They called him "Old Hickory" because of his tenacity and grit. His mother chose "Andrew" on March 15, 1767, when she gave birth to that independent-minded South Carolina rebel.
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  • Envy, Part Two

    | Aug 01, 2017
    Shakespeare called it "the green sickness." Bacon admitted "it has no holidays." Horace declared that "tyrants never invented a greater torment." Barrie said envy "is the most corroding of the vices."
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  • Envy, Part One

    | Jul 31, 2017
    What exactly is envy? How does it differ from its twin, jealousy? Envy (the more sophisticated of the two) is a painful and resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another . . . accompanied by a strong desire to possess the same advantage.
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  • Fighting the Fast Fade

    | Jul 30, 2017
    As you waved goodbye to your friends at church last Sunday, what mental darts were left stuck in the target of your thinking? Can you remember those pointed challenges from the man who stood before you with Bible in hand?
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  • Workaholics

    | Jul 29, 2017
    Strange creatures roam the land these days. Being efficient, diligent, and productive, they are remarkably impressive . . . but beneath the surface they are suffering from a miserable malady.
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  • Labels

    | Jul 28, 2017
    Let's Label. That's a favorite parlor game among Christians. The rules are easy to remember. Any number can play. But it's especially appealing to those who are given to oversimplification and making categorical comments. Name-droppers thrive on this game.
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  • Being Wanted, Part Two

    | Jul 27, 2017
    Chances are very good that there are those in your church fellowship, workplace, or family who feel unwanted, forgotten, unloved (and unlovely!)—and are more lonely than words can express. I wish to speak on their behalf and in their defense today.
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  • Being Wanted, Part One

    | Jul 26, 2017
    Her voice was weak and fearful as she spoke to me over the phone. It was almost midnight and she kept apologizing . . . but she was so lonely and wanted someone to listen to her. I never got her name nor her address.
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  • Insensitivity, Part Two

    | Jul 25, 2017
    We've been talking about the tragedy of insensitivity in relationships. Parental sensitivity rates desperately low these days. It's part of the fall-out of our rapid pace. Solomon tells us that our children "make themselves known" by their deeds, their actions.
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  • Insensitivity, Part One

    | Jul 24, 2017
    My kids pulled a fast one on me one Christmas years ago. They teamed up, pooled their vast financial resources, and bought me a little motto to set on my desk. It was more than cute . . . it was convicting.
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  • Questions

    | Jul 23, 2017
    Tom Skinner, the gifted black evangelist, penned a book with a title that won't let me go: If Christ Is the Answer, What Are the Questions? I like that . . . not only because it's creative, but because it strikes a chord in my soul.
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  • Observation

    | Jul 22, 2017
    A small bottle containing urine sat upon the desk of Sir William Osler. He was then the eminent professor of medicine at Oxford University. Sitting before him was a classroom full of young, wide-eyed medical students.
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  • Sorrow and Hope

    | Jul 21, 2017
    If tears were indelible ink instead of clear fluid, all of us would be stained for life. The heartbreaking circumstances, the painful encounters with calamities, the brutal verbal blows we receive from the surgeon or an angry mate . . .
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  • Fallibility, Part Two

    | Jul 20, 2017
    God's Word is infallible; people are not. Yesterday, we noted that this point is particularly underscored in the realm of leadership. We naturally seek after ministers we can respect and follow. And then—glory!—we come across some whose lives are admirable.
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  • Fallibility, Part One

    | Jul 19, 2017
    Ever since I was knee-high to a gnat, I have been taught about and have believed in the infallibility of Scripture. Among the upper echelons of doctrinal truths, this one ranks alongside the Godhead, the deity of Christ, and salvation by grace.
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