• Bring Him Incense, Gold, and Myrrh

    | Dec 24, 2017
    What do you give a young king? The magi, after traveling more than five hundred miles away to see the child Jesus, brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh with them. Why those gifts?
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  • Hail the Incarnate Deity

    | Dec 23, 2017
    On that still winter's night, something was up . . . something extraordinary . . . something supernatural. The shepherds raced to the City of David and found their Savior, just as the angel had said . . . swaddled and lying in a feeding trough.
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  • The Wonder of It All

    | Dec 22, 2017
    When Mary and Joseph began their journey southward to Bethlehem, they probably thought they had time to make the trip, register for the census, and then return home to Nazareth before the baby would be born.
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  • Sovereign Father, Heavenly King

    | Dec 21, 2017
    That first Christmas, all eyes were on Augustus—the cynical Caesar who demanded a census so as to determine a measurement to enlarge taxes even further. At such a time, who was interested in a young couple making an 80-mile trip south from Nazareth?
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  • The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came

    | Dec 20, 2017
    Take a trip out of time and space. With the help of your imagination, let yourself be pulled from the gravity of this planet and move into the space beyond the earth's dimension—that mysterious realm where angels dwell.
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  • Thinking Theologically

    | Dec 19, 2017
    I confess to you, at times I've doubted God's purpose and promise. I say that to my own embarrassment. When things hadn't worked as I thought they would, when I received a no instead of a yes . . .
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  • Persevering through Pressure

    | Dec 18, 2017
    Doubts often steal into our lives like termites into a house. These termite-like thoughts eat away at our faith. Usually, we can hold up pretty well under this attack. But occasionally, when a strong gale comes along we discover we cannot cope.
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  • When Logic Fails

    | Dec 17, 2017
    Human logic breaks down in crisis. The mystery is enormous, and it is the enormity of it all that calls for faith. I'm sorry if that sounds like an overused bromide. But if we could unravel it, why would we need faith?
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  • We Have an Anchor

    | Dec 16, 2017
    The word picture of an anchor is used often in ancient literature, but it's used only once in the New Testament in picturing hope as an anchor for our soul. Lots of hymns and gospel songs make use of this anchor metaphor.
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  • The Hope You Need

    | Dec 15, 2017
    Somewhere along the many miles of southern California shoreline walked a young, 20-year-old woman with a terminal disease in her body and a revolver in her hand. She had called me late one evening. We talked for a long time.
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  • The Reality of Heaven

    | Dec 14, 2017
    The same Bible that develops the subject of hell also reveals the truth about heaven. What is heaven like? Playing harps all day? Lounging around on Cloud Nine? Living in enormous mansions along solid gold streets?
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  • The Reality of Hell

    | Dec 13, 2017
    A particular story Jesus once told comes to my mind every time I think of life after death. Because it is descriptive and brief, we are able to get a fairly uncomplicated picture in our minds of this subject of hell.
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  • Free Offer

    | Dec 12, 2017
    It doesn't take a Ph.D. in English Literature to observe that God offers us a gift in salvation. The gift is eternal life, which is directly connected to His Son. Now let's be clear and cautious. Becoming a member of a church is not the way to salvation.
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  • Are You Lost?

    | Dec 11, 2017
    Being lost is a terrifying experience. A person's head spins as panic creeps up, shouting threats like, "You'll never find your way!" or "It's impossible!" Fear clutches at you. Several strange things are true about being lost.
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  • Change Your Routine

    | Dec 10, 2017
    Following the sixth day of creation, the Lord God deliberately stopped working. He rested. It wasn't that there was nothing else He could have done. It certainly wasn't because He was exhausted. Omnipotence never gets tired!
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  • Relating with Our Friends

    | Dec 09, 2017
    After God made man, He observed a need inside that life, a nagging loneliness that Adam couldn't shake. "Then the LORD God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.'" (Genesis 2:18)
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  • Make Leisure Part of Your Day

    | Dec 08, 2017
    How do you get good at getting the rest God said was good for you? How do you get good at leisure? We can, of course, nod in agreement to all we've discussed in the past couple days about how important it is to rest.
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  • Give Yourself Permission

    | Dec 07, 2017
    Since most humans suffer from a lack of balance in their lives, our best counsel on living a steady and stable life comes from God's Word. In Paul's letter to the Christians in Ephesus, he includes this most unusual command:
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  • Is Fatigue Next to Godliness?

    | Dec 06, 2017
    Now here's a rhyme I'll never understand: Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, where have you been? / I've been to London to look at the queen. / Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, what did you there? / I frightened a little mouse under the chair.
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  • Enough Is Enough

    | Dec 05, 2017
    Today's devotional has one primary objective: to help you enjoy yourself, your life, and your Lord more . . . without feeling guilty or unspiritual. Yes, enjoy! In our work-worshiping society, that is no small task.
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