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April 6–24, 2015

Chuck Swindoll's

Can One Person Make a Difference?

The apostle Paul. Martin Luther. Corrie Ten Boom. Winston Churchill. Each name is instantly recognizable, because each person demonstrated courage in the face of opposition, overcoming evil with good and changing lives.

You don’t need a famous name to make a difference. Through the power of God, anyone can impact neighborhoods, workplaces, and even the world. In this inspiring series by Chuck Swindoll, you’ll hear true stories of brave Christians in church history, learn the fundamental role of the church, and be equipped with the courage and discernment that life in Christ promises. Can we make a difference? Yes we can.

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Additional Resources


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What's Next

Excellence in Ministry: Doing What’s Right in the Work of Ministry—A Study of 1 Timothy 1–3
April 27–May 29, 2015

People are messy. Anyone involved in ministry can testify to that. But people are what ministry is all about. Serving people. Teaching people. Caring for people as Jesus did.

Easy to say, difficult to do.

However, Chuck Swindoll’s series, Excellence in Ministry: Doing What’s Right in the Work of Ministry—A Study of 1 Timothy 1–3, is the perfect guide to help you do the difficult task of ministry. In this series, Chuck provides answers and instruction on the pastor’s duties, the priority of prayer, the role of women, and how to find qualified leaders.