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December 31, 2014–January 23, 2015

Chuck Swindoll's

Songs for All Seasons from the Psalms

Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer. Images of falling leaves, snow-tipped branches, breezy afternoons, and sun-drenched shores come to mind. But life’s seasons sometimes leave us out in the cold. Often we need a refuge to keep us safe through the changing seasons.

In his audio series, Songs for All Seasons from the Psalms, Chuck Swindoll examines six psalms that unveil God’s faithfulness in the dark days of despair and in the bright days of hope. Whether you’re basking in the light of God’s blessings or struggling against the howling winds of change, Godʼs Word provides courage and calm.

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Additional Resources


  • Exodus 4:10–11
  • 1 Samuel 18:6–9
  • Job 38:4–7
  • Psalm 92:12–15
  • Daniel 4:35
  • Luke 2:10–14
  • Acts 16:25–26
  • Colossians 3:12–16
  • Jude 1:3–4
  • Revelation 5:8–10

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What's Next

What If . . . ?
January 26–March 16, 2015

What If . . . ? What a haunting yet profound question. We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we felt helpless when determining our next step if the unknown were to happen. Either due to lack of knowledge or lack of ability, we’ve wondered what we should do.

And yet, the very act of wondering—of asking questions such as “What if I suddenly lose everything?” or “What if I need a second chance?”—stands as a perfect opportunity to gain biblical wisdom about difficult subjects.

As you make your way through this What If . . . ? series, remember it’s often in wrestling with the difficult questions and decisions we face that we come closest to the Lord.