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God's Speciality: Impossibilities

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Today's Devotional

The Importance of Leadership

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The Gospel DVD/CD Set
Celebrate the Good News!

The Gospel DVD and CD set provides a combination of Bible teaching and moving music to celebrate our Savior. You can sit down and watch the concert or have it playing during your commute.

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Free MP3
April’s Free MP3

The church uses the term gospel often and in many ways. But how many of us can define it? This month’s free MP3 gives us a good grasp of this term as well as its importance to our faith.

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Following Christ . . . The Man of God
Following Christ

With His words, Jesus expressed the nature of God. The scenes recorded in John 6–14 portray a beautiful balance of Jesus’ humanity and divinity. The Bread of Life can feed your hungry soul.

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Video Interview
It’s an Acceptable Prayer

There are all kinds of prayers to fit all sorts of occasions. Chuck Swindoll mentions one that’s always okay to pray to our understanding God. Maybe you’ve prayed it before.

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