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Tools for Parents: September 2017

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September 2, Episode #51: Powers and Principalities—Spiritual Battles Require Spiritual Preparation

Mr. Rockler's new railroad threatens to run right over The Fortress! Now the Club must band together to save it. They don't know it yet, but the battle is for much more than just their clubhouse . . . it's a spiritual battle for the future of Shadow Valley!
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“Angels and demons and bears—Oh my!"

David Carl writes, "I know, because the Bible teaches it clearly, that there is a spiritual realm that is swimming with angels and demons. This realm is real. Here, the important battles are won and lost. If we succeed in the flesh but not spiritually—all is lost. I know all of this and I am still uncomfortable saying that realm is real out loud." In this week's Director's Notes, Dave explains the importance of acknowledging the spiritual realm and overcoming our fears of its unknown.


September 9, Episode #52: C.J. Prospers—Rejoicing with Others

"It's a battle between the 'Haves' and the 'Have-Nots'!" With his father making a lot of money working for Mr. Rockler, C.J. quickly finds himself on the outs with his jealous friends. New clothes, new privileges—even Tiffany thinks C.J. is okay now! When God told us to "weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice," He didn't mean we have to be happy for C.J., or did He?
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“I'm so happy for you”

Romans 12:15 tells us we are to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. David Carl writes, "To rejoice with others is a pleasure when they have worked hard for a long time to achieve something that I do not particularly want for myself. However, if by some fluke or just plain "dumb luck" a friend is given something that I would very much like for myself, rejoicing becomes tough. . . . It takes an incredible amount of selflessness to be able to rejoice under these circumstances, and I think that is the very point." In this week's Director's Notes, David explains that it's at these times we may need additional help to be a blessing to others.


September 16, Episode #53: I'm Achan All Over—Sin Cuts Us Out of God's Blessings

Ol' Gus tells the Bible story of Achan, a man who disobeyed God and suffered for it. Meanwhile, Marsha's food and blanket drive for the needy in Wildwood is coming together nicely. But when Marsha falls to temptation, she finds herself in Achan's place!
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"Sin's losers"

David Carl writes, "The story of Achan is one of the lesser known jewels of the Old Testament. This story also tells us about the nature of God. It is utterly shocking that God demands death for Achan and his entire family for this seemingly minor bit of shoplifting. We are inclined to tell Achan not to do it again and give him a time out. God sees this sin as it really is: a threat to the very lives of His chosen people." Discover why there are some major problems with what we might think are minor issues in this week's Director's Notes.


September 23, Episode #54: The Captain of My Destiny—We Should Let God Direct Our Plans

Staci welcomes a new arrival to Wildwood and her whole world is turned upside down! Eunice McGruff convinces Staci that if you want anything in this world, you have to make it happen for yourself. Staci likes what she hears, but is that what God tells us to do?
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"Treasure hunters"

David Carl writes, "There is a treasure out there for you. There's one for me too. So let's go get it. Why haven't you left yet? If you have any common sense, you're waiting for more information. Things like, what exactly is the treasure? Where is the treasure hidden? What will I need to take with me and what obstacles will I have to overcome? For some reason, this kind of good thinking rarely gets applied to spiritual things." Discover what tools spiritual treasure hunters need to be equipped with in this week's Director's Notes.


September 30, Episode #55: Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go—Desiring God's Best for Us

C.J. befriends a group of weak and pitiful creatures. He gets the surprise of his life when he discovers they don't want his help! Meanwhile, Tiffany learns that she has a terrible illness that can only be cured if she changes who she is from the inside out!
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David Carl writes, "There is a song made famous by the Eagles called 'Desperado.' In it there is a lyric that has haunted me since high school: 'You got to let somebody love you before it's too late.' This is why we need artists and poets in the world. This writer knew in his soul (even if he was not a believer) that letting somebody love you can be one of the most difficult and terrifying things a person can do. He also knew that until this is done, we are all desperate and incomplete." Learn about God's prescriptions for "real living" in this week's Director's Notes.


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