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Paws & Tales Radio Program

The Paws & Tales radio drama is heard each week on more than 450 radio outlets in North America and around the world and on the Internet. As the children’s radio ministry of Insight for Living, it was created to teach biblical truth to children and to their parents. Sure, the production values are high; sure, you’ll be laughing and singing along with an amazing song written for every episode. But while you’re having all that fun, you’ll also be learning some serious theology. After all, we are “the Bible-teaching ministry of Chuck Swindoll"—for kids!

Paws & Tales helps parents Establish, Equip, and Engage their children in their growing faith through creative, modern-day parables. Across an array of media, these well-crafted stories help set a sound biblical foundation for kids between the ages of 4 and 8. With hands-on theological tools for parents to use with their children, Paws & Tales ministers to the entire family.

Chuck Swindoll has long been the radio pastor to millions of listeners through the daily broadcast of Insight for Living. A commitment to excellence in communicating biblical truth and its application has been the ministry’s hallmark since its inception in 1979. The ministry’s Paws & Tales has a similar commitment.

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