Peter Mitskevich

Peter was born in Moscow, Russia, into a pastor’s family. He dedicated his life to the Lord in the house of his grandfather, Artur, a pastor who because his faith was imprisoned for several years and then lived several more years in exile. Following in the footsteps of his physician parents, Peter completed medical school and worked ten years as an emergency room doctor.

During this time, he also participated in a church-plant near Moscow and became the first president of the Gideons Ministry Camp in Moscow. But this was not enough to satisfy his passion for teaching the Word of God. Peter brought his family to Dallas, Texas, so he could study at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).

Taking courses in English was challenging, but he finished in five years, earning his master of theology degree. Chuck and Cynthia met Peter and Tatiana in 1994 when Chuck became the president of DTS. It was love at first sight, and Insight for Living Ministries began to pursue Peter as its first Russian translator upon his return to Moscow after graduating from DTS.

The broadcasts began in 1998, and fortunately in those days, Russia allowed the broadcasts to go out on public radio across what was then eleven time zones. That door has since closed, but the broadcasts can still be heard over the Internet and shortwave through Trans World Radio.

Also after graduating from DTS and returning to Russia, Peter became the pastor of Golgotha Baptist Church in Moscow, where the congregation dedicated a new building in April 2014. Peter also became the president of Moscow Theological Seminary, and under his leadership, the school has grown from eight students to 975 with nine extensions strategically located across Russia’s nine time zones. Peter’s leadership roles in the seminary and as a pastor offer him ideal opportunities to train pastors in expository preaching that delivers God’s truth and its application across Russia’s vast country.

Peter is married to a very special lady, Tatiana, and has been blessed by the Lord with five children and four grandchildren. Insight for Living Ministries is very grateful to have Peter and Tatiana ministering God’s Word in the great country of Russia.


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