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Insight for Living’s Special Needs Ministries Director Colleen Swindoll Thompson interviews individuals and experts about seasons of great pain and struggle. Their real-life stories of God’s empowerment bring hope and insight to the hurting.

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Lawrence Daly

He Strives to Make the World Safer for Our Kids

The statistics on child abuse are shocking! Lawrence Daly strives to make this world a safer place for our kids. As an expert forensic sexual abuse investigator Daly is highly pursued in the area of international protection of children and the conviction of criminal abuse and behavior.

Joni Eareckson Tada and Chuck Swindoll

Her Joy Is in Living Fully within God’s Sovereign Care

Joni Eareckson Tada has lived with paralysis and chronic pain, she’s survived cancer, and she has learned to live with joy. After she surrendered her life to Christ completely, God began a work through Joni that has changed millions of lives. In this unique interview, Joni shares her story with Chuck Swindoll as she has never shared before.

Joe Padilla

Those with Mental Illness Now Have Hope and a Plan

Many who suffer from mental health challenges find it difficult to obtain a viable, practical plan for treatment and recovery. That’s why Joe Padilla started the Mental Health Grace Alliance. Joe has developed a recovery process and wellness plan that provides astounding hope for people who suffer from mental illness.

Lisa Simmons

A Bitter Diagnosis Was Met by God’s Sweet Sovereignty

Lisa Simmons’ second child Daniel was diagnosed with autism when autism was an obscure diagnosis . . . 1 in 10,000 children, compared to 1 in fewer than 70 children today. Although it was a bitter diagnosis, God has sustained and empowered her to rest in His sweet sovereignty.

Michele Cushatt

Her Dread Has Been Replaced with Calm Anticipation

If you were facing nine-hour surgery because of tongue cancer, would you be filled with dread? Most of us would be! But Michele Cushatt speaks with a calmness and clarity that’s a result of releasing all worry and control to God. Her dread has turned to anticipation of how God will work.

Patsy Clairmont

God Changed Her Focus from Phobias to Freedom

No one speaks on the subject of mental illness like respected speaker and writer Patsy Clairmont, because she has lived through it. For more than 17 years, she has traveled with Women of Faith sharing her gift of telling fabulous, candid stories of human struggle, with humor and hope.

Steve Fischer and Chuck Swindoll

Seminary Didn't Qualify Them for This Work

Steve Fischer and Chuck Swindoll would heartily agree that it’s not the degrees they’ve both earned that have qualified them for soul work. Rather, it’s their personal experiences with pain. Steve Fischer’s being crushed through his daughter’s death has taught him how to care for the crushed. Hear how his and Chuck’s life events have prepared them for a ministry of caring.

Jolene Philo

Her New Book Puts Order to the Chaos of Caregiving

Jolene Philo has been a lifetime caregiver and is, thus, fully qualified to write her new book The Caregiver’s Notebook. Jolene has put order to the chaos of caregiving and life planning. Packed with wisdom, organizational helps, devotional notes, biblical truths, and stress tips, this book is hope on the printed page. She gives us a glimpse in this interview.

Gordon Mote

He Sees Life through the Vision in His Soul

This vocalist, producer, and keyboardist extraordinaire has been blind since birth, but his words and music reach beyond the ears to the heart. More than his undeniable, award-winning talent, Gordon’s fans appreciate his ability to see life through the eyes of his soul and to communicate the love of Christ to a world in need of hope.

Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada

These Spiritual Athletes Remain Focused on the Prize

This year Joni and Friends celebrates 35 years of ministry, transforming lives for the disabled population around the world. Joni and her husband Ken remain focused on the prize: the crown of glory awaiting them in heaven. This month we celebrate this outstanding ministry, their commitment and devotion to Christ, and find inspiration as the story of their lives unfolds before us all.

Kathleen Bolduc

God's Love Breaks Through When We Are Broken

Kathleen Bolduc understands suffering, as she raised a son with disabilities. She has experienced bitter-cold sorrow and has been warmed by God’s embrace for more than 30 years. If you are enduring pain and questioning God’s love, Kathleen, nationally recognized in the field of disability and spirituality, can help you understand that God’s love breaks through most often when we are broken open.

Marilyn Meberg

How to Find Hope That Lasts

Where is God when our wants and wishes wash away and we crash against the solid, stern rock of reality? How do we move forward with broken hearts, to know what the “abundant Christian life” is really about? In this touching interview, Marilyn Meberg openly discusses her personal experiences of love, loss, and living with lasting hope through life’s challenges.

Barbara Newman

Transforming Your Church One Family at a Time

Few people understand how to love without labels better than Barbara Newman. For more than 30 years, Barbara has provided education, inspiration, and transformation for churches and families typically disregarded by society. This interview is a must-see for every Christian organization and Christ follower.

Bob West

Three Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me: A Dad’s Story

Bob West and his wife, Sue, had typical dreams of home and family. But those dreams took on a new direction after their oldest son, Kyle, was born two months premature, then diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and endured 11 major surgeries over 17 years. Now Bob is committed to putting the right disability resources into the hands of families facing similarly difficult circumstances.

Craig Johnson

God’s Providential Hand: From Deep, Dark Valleys to New Light and Life

In this powerful interview, Craig Johnson shares how he and his family forged their way through significant surprises—from the loss of his father and his family’s career adjustments, to the autism diagnosis of his son, Connor. Craig’s compassion for others and commitment to Jesus are magnetic, revealing that God’s surprises can powerfully change us and provide an abundance of joy and hope.

Laurie Wallin

Weirdness Can Be Filled with Purpose

What if our weirdest, most annoying characteristics actually serve a purpose? Life Coach Laurie Wallin asks her clients that question as she helps them uncover their strengths and passions, let go of resentments, and live with joy. Raising a child with differences, Laurie is learning that God’s design for every life is different and that He offers significant strengths to be used in unique ways.

Meaghan Wall

How God's Unexpected Plans for You Work for Good

Meaghan Wall had a wonderful life plan as a pre-med student until God led her in a very different direction. Now, as a sought-after speaker and teacher for disability ministry, Meaghan speaks to all who have chosen to trust Christ, to walk by faith and not sight. She seeks to provide a ministry of inclusion founded upon an intentional, theological understanding of God’s love for all people.

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