Special Needs Interviews

Insight for Living’s Special Needs Ministries Director Colleen Swindoll Thompson interviews individuals and experts about seasons of great pain and struggle. Their real-life stories of God’s empowerment bring hope and insight to the hurting.

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Laurie Wallin

Weirdness Can Be Filled with Purpose

What if our weirdest, most annoying characteristics actually serve a purpose? Life Coach Laurie Wallin asks her clients that question as she helps them uncover their strengths and passions, let go of resentments, and live with joy. Raising a child with differences, Laurie is learning that God’s design for every life is different and that He offers significant strengths to be used in unique ways.

Meaghan Wall

How God's Unexpected Plans for You Work for Good

Meaghan Wall had a wonderful life plan as a pre-med student until God led her in a very different direction. Now, as a sought-after speaker and teacher for disability ministry, Meaghan speaks to all who have chosen to trust Christ, to walk by faith and not sight. She seeks to provide a ministry of inclusion founded upon an intentional, theological understanding of God’s love for all people.

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