Develop a tough hide and soft heart

Do you ever feel that finding all the resources you need for successful parenting is an impossible task? On any given day, a parent may need to have handy a child psychology manual, a fix-it-yourself instruction guide, a volume on basic theology, and a good book on emergency first aid!

While you may not find all of those on this page, we believe you will find the resources here to be practical, invaluable, and uplifting as you seek to shape the hearts of your children. With these tools at your side, you can begin to see the role of parenting as not only one of the most challenging experiences but also one of the most rewarding.

Children's Resources

Let a variety of media formats help you teach Bible stories, life principles, and theology to kids of all ages. At our children’s Web store page, you’ll find music compact discs, radio dramas, MP3s, and more to bring God’s Word to life and rouse your child’s imagination. More

Paws & Tales

Discover a place where essential biblical values are taught through story and song by a cast of lovable bears, beavers, rats, owls, moose, and a lone weasel. At our Paws & Tales Web site, you can find a list of radio stations that air this fun radio drama. Our site also offers downloadable teaching tools for parents that correspond to the radio episodes. More

Special Needs

Are you a parent of a child with special needs? Visit our Special Needs Topical Page and interact with our Special Needs Blog. Insight for Living’s Special Needs Ministries is designed to provide help and hope to those in disabling and difficult life circumstances. More

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