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Tools for Parents: March 2015

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March 7, Episode #61: Shadow Valley, Part 5—Healing from Past Hurts Requires Courage

Bandits are kidnapping children from surrounding villages, throwing the entire mountainside into chaos. Chuck reluctantly helps recover the children in a daring rescue that earns him a new name, Paw Paw Chuck. But the wounds of his past life as Goliath are slow to heal and he faces a life changing decision: to move forward or to live forever in the past!
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"Healing from the outside in"

David Carl writes, "A tender heart is required to survey one's own soul and admit it is a garbage dump. The irony is that often a tender heart cannot rise to accept the forgiveness and healing that is offered by our Savior. . . . If our physical body is damaged, it has some ability to heal itself. Our souls, on the other hand, have no such capacity. We have the ability to harm or malnourish our souls, but healing for them comes from a place outside ourselves." Discover how God heals our souls in this week's Director's Notes.


March 14, Episode #62: Shadow Valley, Part 6—God Can Heal Us from a Painful Past

The thrilling conclusion to the Goliath, King of Shadow Valley series finds Chuck experiencing new life in Christ and a new mission. This broadcast also features an interview with Paws & Tales' creators Dave Carl and Eric Baesel discussing why the Goliath Series was written and encouraging parents to download the new Tools for Parents guides available free on
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"Spiritual triage"

David Carl writes, "Healing is not for the faint of heart. It may take everything we have. This is doubly true for spiritual healing, which involves the difficult process of letting go. Many of the things that 'worked' for us in the past must now be left behind. This is disorienting, because the process is not just about growth but about transformation as well." In this week's Director's Notes, discover how spiritual transformation is necessary to experience all of the blessings God has for us.

March 21, Episode #63: A Cage Called Freedom—Our Choices Decide Our Character

It's the first day of summer, and C.J. and Ned are dreaming of sailing on the high seas! But when Captain Gus shows them what it really takes to be a sailor, they discover their ideas are all wet. Meanwhile, Paw Paw Chuck helps a drifter learn that real freedom means being anchored to something.
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"Existentialism for third-graders"

David Carl writes, "'Question authority,' 'That may be fine for you but I make up my own rules,' 'No one tells me what to do!' These are just some of the catch phrases that will come out of the mouth of an existentialist. These kinds of ideas permeate our advertising, our music, our favorite movies, and the attitudes of our favorite sports heroes and movie stars. We are so surrounded by existentialism, we don't even recognize it—it's just the way things are. Well, it's not the way it's supposed to be!" In this week's Director's Notes, read about the perils of existentialism and what God expects us to do about it.


March 28, Episode #64: The Story of Saul, Part 1—Responding to God's Call

"We want a king like the other nations!" The nation of Israel turns its back on God's leadership and calls for a king to be chosen from among them. But following God's direction, the prophet Samuel makes an unlikely choice—a man whose last job was rounding up wild donkeys!
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“Answering the call”

David Carl writes, "When we are called by God to a task, the proper question is not, 'Am I capable?' but 'Am I willing?' You are not ready, I guarantee it! God wants you to be overwhelmed. He wants to change you and make you something entirely different than you are now." Read about what happens when we answer God's call in this week's Director's Notes.


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