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Tools for Parents: May 2015

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May 2, Episode #68: Let There Be More, Part 1—Desiring God

A trip to a huge abandoned factory turns into an adventure in discovery for C.J. and Ned. There are more machines than they can count! But instead of sharing in their enthusiasm, the new owner wishes they had never come. Meanwhile, the girls learn that some Christians settle for less than God's best.
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“Less is more”

David Carl writes, "We want about twice what we have right now. We want twice the money and twice the peace. We certainly want twice the comfort, and we want things to be twice as good as they are now. But God wants us to have something altogether different. He wants us to become something altogether different from what we are now." In this week's Director's Notes, David Carl reveals a disturbing truth about most Christians.


May 9, Episode #69: Let There Be More, Part 2—Exercising Faith to Experience What God Has for Us

Alma teaches Staci, Marsha and Gooz how to put their faith into action with a "Hug from God Supper" program. But will the town rally behind the girls' efforts? Meanwhile the boys help Alex realize his factory's amazing potential.
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“Risk management”

David Carl writes, "God wants us to have peace; we will settle for a mirage of security. He wants us to love and be loved; we want fame—a cheap imitation of love. God wants to give us Himself to guide us and grow us; we want to be masters of our own destiny. The cruel joke is on us, and we keep repeating it like a mantra until it sounds true." In this week's Director's Notes, David Carl challenges readers to risk everything and try God's way.


May 16, Episode #1: A Good Foundation—Spiritual Formation

This was the very first Paws & Tales broadcast! C.J. and Staci set out to build a clubhouse, but they build it in an old rotten tree. Discover why having a good foundation is essential to building a godly life.
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“A good foundation"

David Carl writes, "I believe that even elementary school children are capable of learning theology. Actually, kids are already learning theology at that age and have been learning it all along. They can't help it. Every day a child must somehow make sense out of a complicated and sometimes chaotic world. I want to help kids build a foundation of solid theology at an early age to avoid having to rebuild a shaky foundation that was built on bad theology." Read about the foundations of Paws & Tales in this week's Director's Notes.


May 23, Episode #2: Grace to Hugh—God Gives Us Grace

"I know who set fire to the Collins Mansion!" C.J. discovers a clue that unlocks the mystery of how the fire got started. Now Mrs. Collins must figure out how the culprit should be punished. Find out how showing a little grace can change a hardened heart!
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"Showing others grace"

David Carl writes, "There are many difficult concepts to understand when we come to the subject of grace, but perhaps the most difficult is the sheer unreasonableness of it. Grace is not fair! We all are rebellious sinners who are largely without remorse. So, why would anyone give someone like that grace?" Read about how grace comes from a God who loves us unreasonably in this week's Director's Notes.


May 30, Episode #3: To Have and Give Not—Sharing

After finding a treasure of pirate coins, Gooz has to decide the best way to handle her newfound wealth. Meanwhile, Staci and The Club are at odds on how to spend their club dues.
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"The money problem"

David Carl writes, "Money is a very thorny issue, especially for Christians. Wealth has been spuriously promised as the obvious result of a righteous life and preached against as the obvious proof that one is living in selfish ignorance of the needs of others. . . . We are commanded to give and to give with a joyful spirit. This is true with everything God asks of us. If we obey and do what He asks, we cannot avoid benefiting." Read about one of the laws of "spiritual physics" in this week's Director's Notes.


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