Logo & Link Requests

If your Web site would like to link to insight.org, we ask that you use our latest logo and that you agree to a brief statement affirming that your Web site is appropriate to display the logo.

We offer two html code sources that will allow you to place the most current version of our logo and a link back to the insight.org Web site.


Option 1
(180 x 180)
Insight for Living Ministries

Option 2
(360 x 360)
Insight for Living Ministries

To use the logo, you must agree to these requirements:

  1. My website is a Christian-based site.
  2. I promise to remove or update this link if requested to do so from Insight for Living Ministries.
  3. I promise to display the IFL logo in an honorable way and not to make any derogatory statements about Insight for Living Ministries or Chuck Swindoll.
  4. I will not resize or edit the code in any way.
  5. This code will reside on a white background.

If you agree to these requirements, please complete the form below.

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If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Insight for Living Ministries.


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