The Grace Awakening by Charles R. Swindoll

What Is Grace?

The Grace Awakening

Grace: Immeasurable but yet, definable.

Preachers preach it. Theologians analyze it. Then we forget about it. But Chuck Swindoll’s best-selling classic, The Grace Awakening, can awaken you to the untapped wonders of grace . . . as it has for hundreds of thousands of readers and listeners. Allow these wonders to make a difference in the way you live and love and to turn ho-hum religion into an intimate relationship with a God who wishes us nothing short of joy.

Break the bonds of legalism . . . those put on you and those you may put on others.

Explore the newfound freedom of God’s grace in your life. As you continue to experience the wonders of God’s inexhaustible grace, it will awaken you to grasp even more of what God wants to do in your life.

The Broadcast

Maybe you’ve known about grace all your life. You grew up with it. You heard about it in church, on the radio, or on television. But maybe there’s more to God’s grace than you were taught.

The Grace Awakening series will remind you that where sin abounded, grace super-abounded! Don’t miss this chance to explore how God’s amazing grace can release you from the pressure to measure up and allow you to live in freedom!

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This month, the series on Grace Awakening has been spellbinding to me. I read the devotions, I listen to the radio broadcasts, and now I want the book to be a part of my home.

— J. S., Kentucky

The freedom and balance this understanding of grace contributed to my life was the difference between joy and doubt of my ability to do enough things right to please God.

— V. Y., Georgia

If you have ever been in legalistic groups or are just worn out from a performance mentality, take this refresher course on what the grace of God is all about.

— reader review

God’s grace gives us the freedom to be ourselves and to not smother others so much that we get in God’s way for their lives!

— reader review

I can’t even come up with any words that will describe the power and freedom of grace without strings. The Grace Awakening is a MUST read for everyone. It breaks off the ties that I didn’t even know were there, pertaining to guilt, fear, anxiety, and the feeling that I just can’t be the good person that I am supposed to be.

— reader review


Tapping into the wonders of God's grace will make the difference between ho-hum religion and an intimate relationship with a God who wishes us nothing short of joy.
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Grace Overshadows Sin

Grace Overshadows Sin

What is it inside us that makes us want to do something even more after we're told we can't? Chuck Swindoll knows what it is, and he also knows the solution.
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