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April 16–18, 2014

Chuck Swindoll's

When the Presence of Hope Arose

Are there any two more devastating words than no hope? No hope beyond a devastating diagnosis, no hope when we lose our job, no hope when our loved one dies, and ultimately no hope when we face our own mortality?

At some point in our lives, we will all endure the kind of loss that will knock us off our feet and tempt us to abandon hope. And what if there is no resurrection? Then our lack of hope applies not just to this life but to eternity.

But thankfully, Jesus did rise from the dead! Easter reminds us that when everything seems bleak, Jesus Christ defeated death. Are you without hope or have you forgotten why Jesus's resurrection matters in your everyday life? Then this lesson is for you!

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Additional Resources


  • Matthew 22:29–32
  • John 20:1–9
  • Romans 8:18–25
  • 1 Peter 1:21
  • Revelation 20:1–6

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