This Month's Letter

This Month's Letter


Dear Friend of Insight for Living:

How in the world did this happen?

Out of the more than 200 million people in Brazil, how did Fernando and Ieda Bochio connect with Chuck and Cynthia Swindoll in the United States? I was pondering that question when I read 2 Chronicles 16:9:

The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

When I think of the word search, I think of Fernando's being "called out" from among all 200 million plus Brazilians to become our translator/pastor. So what makes him so special?

At age 19, Fernando became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He began attending a church where he met an adorable 15-year-old brunette named Ieda. As they dated, she learned that Fernando had no memories of his early childhood. She determined they would learn why. Fernando had been shuffled from one home to another. His childhood was marked by conflict, no affection or encouragement, and troubles at school where he had been labeled "stupid" and "incapable of learning." Ieda helped Fernando recover his forgotten, painful past so that he might become a man.

As "the eyes of the Lord searched the whole earth," He found a teacher to take compassion on Fernando. This teacher spent extra time teaching him to read and write. Discovering that Fernando suffered from dyslexia, she helped him overcome that difficulty and excel in his studies. Her dedicated belief in Fernando still impacts his life. Learning became his passion. Today, he holds four post-graduate degrees and is pursuing his doctor of ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has been a professor at two universities for ten years. This incredible woman mentored Fernando to become not only a competent student but a powerful teacher himself.

In 1981, Fernando became a pastor. A while later, he began reading Chuck's books that had been translated into Portuguese. As he read, Fernando realized that most seminaries in his country were drifting from the faith and softening their commitment to teaching the Truth. Reading enabled Fernando to become an excellent expositor of God's Word.

In 1988, through an interesting chain of events, Fernando learned of Insight for Living Ministries, which ultimately led to his accepting our invitation to translate and broadcast our program into Portuguese. In the last 26 years, Fernando has witnessed the growing hunger of pastors to learn what they did not learn in seminary—how to study the Bible and deliver expository messages. As the Lord's eyes searched the whole earth, He brought a Brazilian soul mate to Chuck to reach that great country. Fernando has now become a mentor to many, and thousands of lives have been changed across Brazil.

These open doors represent Insight for Living Ministries' vision to reach all nations. Jesus's last command before leaving this earth was not only to the 11 disciples but to us as well:

Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.
—Matthew 28:19–20

That was a command, not an option, and Jesus did not ask those disciples for their opinions. He simply told them to go . . . make disciples . . . baptize . . . and teach them to obey. And, you know what? God added Paul and others to the 11, and they did it! They reached the whole world in their generation (Acts 17:6–7).

For 35 years, this has been Insight for Living Ministries' mission—to "make disciples of all the nations." How can we possibly do this? Only with the financial support of those "whose hearts are fully committed to him." You were led by God through whatever interesting chain of events to connect with this ministry, just as Fernando and Ieda were. Therefore, you, too, have been "called out" to have a significant impact in reaching "all the nations" through the teaching of God's Word through Insight for Living Ministries.

Will you make a very generous donation today? When you give, you will make it possible for many, many others to become Fernandos and Iedas all around the world! You will become one who is helping "make disciples." Your gift today will make a significant difference.

How in the world will this happen? Through you and others like you "whose hearts are fully committed" to the Lord.

Grateful for your generosity,

Mrs. Cynthia Swindoll
President and Chief Executive Officer