Stock and Certificate Transfer

Anyone who has invested in the stock market knows what a wild ride it can be. Though the market may fluctuate daily, it has historically grown, increasing in value over a period of time. Those who invest wisely, with an eye on long-term growth, fulfill the teaching of Matthew 25:14–30 as faithful stewards of God's treasures.

However, gains made in the stock market are temporary. Those who wish to reap eternal dividends should consider making investments of lasting significance in ministries that are committed to communicating Christ. Such investments glorify God and bring His message of hope to others. If you'd like to learn how to use your stock and certificate investments to benefit the ministry of Insight for Living, please review the information on these pages. We are officially classified as a Public Charity (PC) which means that we have a "deductibility limitation of 50% which means that any individual who itemizes their deductions may deduct up to 50% of their adjusted gross income computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks. We are not tax experts, so you should contact your CPA for any tax-related questions.

Transfer Instructions for Making a Gift of Securities to Insight for Living Ministries

Gifts of appreciated securities are a smart and simple way to maximize the effectiveness of your charitable giving. If stocks or mutual funds* you've held for more than a year have increased in value, you may want to consider using these assets – rather than cash – to fund your giving. By transferring ownership of your long-term stock to Insight for Living you make a gift to support the ministry, avoid the capital gains tax you would pay if the stock were sold, and you may claim a charitable income tax deduction for the current fair market value of the asset.

*Does not apply to tax-exempt retirement plans (e.g., IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.)

Stock Transfers

DTC Transfer

If you have your shares of stock in a brokerage account, this is a convenient way to transfer your securities. Simply instruct your broker to electronically transfer your securities out of your account into Insight for Living Ministries' RBC Wealth Management account and provide the appropriate account information below:

RBC Wealth Management
4965 Preston Park Boulevard, Suite 300
Plano, TX 75093-5177
Greg Hornok
Account: 315-13311
DTC: 0235

After your broker transfers your securities out of your account into Insight for Living Ministries' RBC Wealth Management account, please call Insight for Living Ministries at 1-800-772-8888 to let us know you have made this transfer so we can update our records.

Certificate Transfer

Transferring your certificate can be as easy as endorsing the back of the certificate and sending it by certified mail to Insight for Living Ministries. You must sign the certificate in front of a bank officer to obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee (notary public stamps are not an acceptable guarantor for stock certificates). Endorse the certificate exactly as your name(s) appears on the front. For example, if your certificate is listed as "John F. and Mary P. Jones," you will need to sign the certificate exactly as "John F. Jones" and "Mary P. Jones."

Next, write Insight for Living Ministries' tax identification number, 95-3392299, in the box on the back requesting a social security number or other identifying number of assignee.

Mail the certificate by certified mail to:

Insight for Living Ministries
Mary Reeves
Post Office Box 1050
Frisco, TX 75034-0018

Employee-Owned Stock in Non-Retirement Plans

If you purchased stock from your employer (e.g. non-retirement E.S.O.P.) you can instruct them to issue a certificate in Insight for Living Ministries' name. They will need our tax identification number and our address as mentioned above.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is not intended as a substitute for wise tax counsel. We strongly recommend you consult with a professional tax advisor before making a gift of securities.

Please Contact Us In Advance

When making a gift of appreciated securities to Insight for Living Ministries it is important that you contact us in advance so that your gift will be properly credited when received and so that we may provide you with an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.

This Securities Transfer Form is to assist you in contacting Insight for Living Ministries with the details of your transfer. When completed, you may either:

  • Mail it to us at: Insight for Living Ministries, Attn: Mary Reeves, PO Box 1050, Frisco, TX 75034
  • Fax it to 972-473-5186 Finance Dept
  • Email it to

If you have any questions or need further information, please call customer service at 1-800-772-8888.