Estate Planning

That old saying about death and taxes is never truer than when your estate receives a tax bill after you die. How ironic that the inescapable fact of taxes should invade life in the wake of that other inescapable fact, death. But such is our world.

Jesus wasn’t silent on either of these issues. Considering the topic of taxes, His teaching was clear: pay taxes to whom taxes are due (Matthew 22:21). Nevertheless, Jesus didn’t teach that we should pay more than the law requires. If ethical and moral means to be tax-wise and pay less exist, wouldn’t it be wise to take advantage of those means? Of course. So why don’t more people do so? One reason might be because many are too afraid to face that other inescapable fact of life: death. But death is no respecter of persons; it comes to those who plan and to those who fail to plan . . . and so do taxes.

Insight for Living Ministries encourages you to be tax-wise by developing an estate plan. It’s a sure method of wise stewardship. The information in these pages will explain what estate planning entails and answer some of the most common questions about developing a wise plan. You’ll also find information on how you can support Insight for Living Ministries.

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