International Ministries


We live in a rapidly changing world . . . and with changes come challenges. Today’s technology has flung open the door for a greater global impact than ever before with newer and faster ways to spread the timeless message of Jesus Christ.

Taking hold of these exciting global opportunities, Insight for Living Ministries strives to proclaim around the world God’s message of grace and hope to spiritually hungry people in languages and cultural contexts they can understand. To accomplish this, we support our international work with five ministry pillars. Our goal is for each international ministry to be a: proclaiming ministry, caring ministry, resourceful ministry, educational ministry, and mentoring ministry.

With God’s power and provision, Insight for Living Ministries will continue to proclaim God’s Word to as many people as we can . . . for as long as we can . . . in every way that we can.

Teaching at Bible Schools and Seminaries

Many of our pastors around the world teach and lead at local Bible colleges and theological seminaries. This emphasis on education is crucial for deepening the faith of believers and training leaders around the world.

Pastoral Training and Mentoring

Many pastors around the world have no opportunity to receive any formal theological education. In light of such a great need, the messages delivered from Insight for Living Ministries become a model for solid exegetical exposition of God’s truth to these pastors’ congregations. We desire that each international arm of Insight for Living Ministries will be involved in pastoral training and mentoring.

Counseling and Other Listener Services

Though we harness the power of new technologies, we never want to lose sight of personal ministry and real relationships with listeners. Our seminary-trained pastors provide biblical counseling and a personal touch when handling correspondence and phone calls from listeners in their own countries.

Translating and Publishing Resource Materials

Insight for Living Ministries desires that our established international locations provide listeners with published resources for studying God’s Word in their own languages.

The Church and Media

We work with theologically trained pastors who translate Chuck’s sermons in an accurate, clear, and practical manner. Today, Insight for Living can be heard in five of the world’s top ten languages as well as in Polish. We are exploring growing opportunities for ministry in China, Indonesia, Romania, India, and South Korea. In addition to traditional radio broadcasting, we use Web streaming, podcasting, and even satellite radio for delivery of these audio messages.